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We are on a mission to help the world get lean, thrive and bulletproof their health by utilizing the power of whole food plant-based nutrition.
"Coach Maxime changed my life. Before meeting him I had tried for 20 years to lose those last 30 lbs and now I have. Not only that I can now eat 2400 calories as a 55 year old women to maintain my new body. It's absolutely incredible!" - Fit Vegan Tribe member Lise

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We've helped over

600 Vegans from 20 Different countries

Change their lives, lose stubborn fat, lower their cholesterol and blood pressure on top of helping them disease proof their bodies by using the power of a properly structure whole food plant-based lifestyle.
Here's how we do it!

Identify where you are at via 

Health/Fitness Audit

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We build you your very own

Fit Vegan Blueprint

You’ll have more time to work ON your business, rather than IN your business! You can focus on they business-building areas that only YOU can do…

We provide you with

World Class Support & Accountability

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The All Inclusive Resort of Vegan Fat Loss Transformation
We do all the thinking for you!

Highly Personalized Training Plan according to your Fitness level and available equipment.

Tailored Whole Food Plant-Based Meal Plans to ensure we hit all your micro and macronutrients needs to get you lean and healthy.

1 on 1 Mindset Coaching because we understand that the biggest challenge in fat loss is sticking to the plan and that comes down to mindset.

Does this program actually work?

Meet some of our Fit Vegan Members

These are all regular people like you and I! Parents, Single mom's, lawyers, Doctors, teachers, insurance brokers, etc..

People with social lives, work obligation, families and yet they still found time to get the work done.


After Allowing His Health to Decline For Over 10 Years, Matt Finally Decided to Take Charge of His Life And Lost 74 lbs in 10 Months!

Matt was vegan when he first started but wasn't sure how to properly fuel his body to lose weight and improve his performance while also becoming healthier.

He was very skeptical about joining the program because he thought he had tried everything possible in order to lose the weight.

These days, I can happily tell you that he's very happy he joined. During his time in the program, he improved his running time, increased his stamina, and lost 55 lbs, all while eating delicious HIGH CARB vegan meals.

He trusted the process and our coaching team and that is the exact reason why he was so successful


 Have You Ever Gained Weight Because Of An Injury & Struggled To Lose It Afterwards...

Lise was in the same position as you, after a serious foot injury, she put on 30 lbs that she had worked tirelessly to lose in the year prior to starting Fit Vegan.

It was a big decision for her to join the Fit Vegan Tribe as her foot wasn't at 100% capacity. But she is happy she did now.

She followed the nutrition plan and training - to the letter - and it's showing with a total fat loss of 38 lbs.

Her energy is through the roof and she's feeling more confident than ever.


 Young 40 year old with the cholesterol levels of a 19 year old! Now that's the power of plants...

Jeff was in the same position as many other people, feeling stuck coming out of quarantine. He had struggled to lose those last few pounds to reveal his abs hidden beneath.

He was a bit hesitant at first to join as he had tried many different ways of losing the weight without any success… and when he did have some success, the weight would just come creeping back up after a few months.

Look at him now, rocking his abs for the first time in years all the while eating 1000 + more calories than what he is used to. Now that is sustainable change.

He followed the Fit Vegan Blueprint that was clearly laid out for him and trusted the process.

He's built habits of steel and now knows and feels what it's like to THRIVE on plants.


  If you’ve tried everything to lose weight and are tired of doing hours of cardio and eating like a bird…

Jil was in the same boat as you, doing hours of cardio every day until she joined the program and realized the importance of my M.R.T home based training system. It allowed her to tone up her body and increase her belief that her body is capable of so much more!

She enjoyed the flexibility in the meal plans, having access to a massive library of Fit Vegan recipes really made it easy for her to stay on track, enjoy her food and never be hungry.

Her confidence and motivation has increased 10 x and is happy she made the most out of her time in quarantine.


If You're Struggling To Lose Those Last 10 lbs & Feel Like You Are Too Busy… you are just like Dr. Jade ...

Dr. Jade is no stranger to "trying to get into shape." In her own words, “I'm also someone who knows a lot about nutrition, but I've never been able to lose the last 10-15lbs.” So trying the Fit Vegan Blueprint program sounded appealing - accountability, learning from someone who has been here and done it, and a group of like minded people on this journey together. I am impressed!

The food is delicious, I never feel hungry, the workouts never boring, and Maxime is the most approachable and kind human. He truly believes in our success. What’s amazing is so far I've actually only lost 6 lbs but I have watched my body transform and burn fat in a short period of time and I know it's still going!

I look fit, strong, and healthy! This not only proves you can get really fit as a vegan, but you can do it sustainably, without deprivation, and without hours upon hours of exercise or a 1000 calorie diet. I highly recommend anyone, vegan or not, who is looking for these types of results talk to Maxime!


If You're Struggling To Fit Into Your Old Clothes & And You Want The Same Problem As David, Who Needs To Add Holes To His Belt...

All you ever needed to lose weight as a vegan was the RIGHT guidance.

Here is a messaged David sent me a few days ago as he approached the 8 week mark of our 12 week program:

"Hi Maxime I just want to say thank you so much. I can't believe I've lost 22 lbs and have already hit my weight goal of 170 lbs in only 8 weeks. I cannot believe how easy it was with your guidance.

Since going back to work my daily steps requirements of 10,000 steps a day combined with your meal plan and the workouts the last 3 weeks I’ve noticed massive changes.

My clothes are falling off me 😂 and I’m going to have to put new holes in my belts because they are now too big."

It's More than a Fat Loss Program, This is A Lifestyle!

More amazing Fit Vegan Transformations

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